Why Does it Take So Long for Books to Get Pub’d?

- May 6, 2019



I’ve found one of the most surprising things to people new to/outside of the publishing industry is how long is takes for books to get published. So! Here’s a 4-minute super-speedy overview of why the process takes as long as it does.


How to Get Traditionally Published: http://bit.ly/1ToWzxa

About The Call: http://bit.ly/1OAxhdL

4 Mistakes I Made as a New Writer: http://bit.ly/1jveLse

All About BEYOND THE RED (Part 2): http://bit.ly/1IwXXaS

Do You Need a Degree to Get Published?: http://bit.ly/1OaqB8e


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  • So, Once your finished writing a book it can take enough time to get it published you can have 1-2 more first drafts finished?

    How long does it take to self publish?

    kairon156 - 39 months ago

  • +Sarah Rickard (Otter Rocks) Don't know why YouTube isn't letting me answer this directly! Again. sigh Anyway, don't worry about time, seriously. There are many writers who waited until much later in life (think 60s and up) to publish their first book—everyone is different! Just take all the time you need to improve your skills and make your book as awesome as possible. :)

    bookishpixie - 43 months ago

  • More scared of it all than ever. I'm on my first manuscript which I've already been working on for nearly 2 years, and I'm no where near finished in my first draft, what with having a toddler. I'm 30 this year and I'm unskilled in all this.
    Best start getting a move on or I'll be 60 by the time I might have been published!

    Sarah Otter - 43 months ago

  • Yay! This was super useful as someone who wants to become an editor in the future. Congrats on having the advanced reader copy printed! Can't wait to read!

    Rocknalldatime99 - 44 months ago

  • This was wonderful! I might send this link whenever my friends or family ask why my book isn't on the shelves yet. Im not even on sub yet haha I have a fair bit of waiting left to do!

    Emily Lowrey - 44 months ago

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