Why Does it Take So Long for Books to Get Pub’d?

- May 6, 2019



I’ve found one of the most surprising things to people new to/outside of the publishing industry is how long is takes for books to get published. So! Here’s a 4-minute super-speedy overview of why the process takes as long as it does.


How to Get Traditionally Published: http://bit.ly/1ToWzxa

About The Call: http://bit.ly/1OAxhdL

4 Mistakes I Made as a New Writer: http://bit.ly/1jveLse

All About BEYOND THE RED (Part 2): http://bit.ly/1IwXXaS

Do You Need a Degree to Get Published?: http://bit.ly/1OaqB8e


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Comments (20)

  • You're kidding right?
    What I heard was, "three years".
    I have to be here another three years of sitting on my ass even afrer I've written my novel?
    Three yeara of phone calls, road trips to who knows where to help the process move along?
    Wonder if I sign my name in blood that'll help move the proxess along and it not be as depressing, or at thr very least as slow.

    Stanton Creed - 4 months ago

  • Love the video

    Max Stories - 4 months ago

  • You mentioned the term 'copy edit' so I googled to see what that was and learned about the difference between manuscript critiques, comprehensive edits, line edits, copy edits and proof reading. It would have been nice if you could have touched on that a little more in this video. But otherwise I enjoyed this and was surprised at how much there is to it all.

    Oakley Sierney - 10 months ago

  • Whenever you got your book agented, how long from that point did it take to hit the shelfs?

    Andrew Johnston - 24 months ago

  • So, Once your finished writing a book it can take enough time to get it published you can have 1-2 more first drafts finished?

    How long does it take to self publish?

    kairon156 - 38 months ago

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