Publish Paperback Books on Amazon through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) NOT CreateSpace!

- May 6, 2019



Sell Low Content Books on Amazon FULL COURSE OVER 65% OFF!!

Selling Notebooks & Low Content Paperback Books On Amazon
Easily upload notebooks and sell them on Amazon. No publishing or design experience necessary.

UPLOAD, CREATE AND SELL 6×9, Letter size, or any size, fiction, non-fiction, notebook or low content book on Amazon by going through this process at KDP.

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  • I have a question, do you have to pay for each paperback copy you print or is that not something you have to worry about. I ask because in self publishing you have to pay for each printed copy.

    Carlos Sanchez - 2 months ago

  • I'd probably get nervous and order myself a copy fast as possible to make sure it looks alright in person.

    Pets Crafts and Wonderful Things - 2 months ago

  • How did you format the cover page to cover both the front and back? What size PDF do I need ?

    Emily Brant - 3 months ago

  • Why wouldn't you put your own name in the author section?

    Josh Lines - 3 months ago

  • I want to create a Kindle art journal to sell. Is there a method to doing that without making it look weird? Does KDP have a better print quality than Create Space for colored drawings? I'd do a print version if they did.

    Meriah Smith - 3 months ago

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