Advice for Teen Writers (Should You Publish?)

- May 6, 2019



What advice do I have for teen writers? I’m sharing my thoughts, as well as

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  • As a teen writer that is just now starting to get back into writing this was very helpful. I used to write constant stories and fanfiction when I was 11-15 but now I do catch myself making excuses for not finishing projects that I really like because I want it to be perfect (well, maybe not perfect but at least pretty good), when really I need to stop overthinking and obsessively editing, and instead just write. :)

    zoom zoom103 - 1 days ago

  • This video is really so helpful to me. I am struggling to focus myself in writing because I felt like everything I wrote was not good enough. Everything you said just hit me right and now I am finally enlightened. So, thank you so much Alexa. I'm going to enjoy writing once again. Thank you.

    AyumuN' Mhie - 2 weeks ago

  • I'm so thankful for these videos. Even though my dream isn't necessarily to be a writer but to create comics. But in order for me to create comics ,I need to create scripts and these scripts are the backbone of the comic. I did wanted to be a writer in elementary but the more I view your videos, the more I think about becoming a writer and someone who create comics. But because of you and many other people who give writing advice. I have written 100 pages for a comic script and my dedication also grew so I'm proud of myself for keep writing even when I didn't want to. I hope to publish the first book of the comic this year. Although I have a discarded comic script from a different story that has almost 200 pages..maybe I'll rewrite it.

    Kpop_fan - 2 weeks ago

  • I´m 15 and I´ve written 2 novels now, working on the 3rd one. I feel like a baby here. Hello everyone :)

    Isabel Margarita Saieg - 2 weeks ago

  • I feel really lucky as a young adult, having gotten in to writing as a teen, that I was able to go through the "I am the best writer literally ever!" phase when I was in middle school. But holy crap I remember how garbage it made me feel when the people I looked up to criticized my work like I was supposed to be writing the next New York Times best seller. Knowing how much that hurt me as a teen, I just hope I can use those experiences for my benefit. I think it is the responsibility of authortubers and writing mentors to take in to mind the influence we can have on the young and/or amateur writers we come in to contact with. Because the things we say and do can impact a new or young writer to become disheartened and give up on writing completely. And honestly, I don't think it is 100% about how good you are or successful you are as a writer, if you have influence over any writer, it is important to remember how your well-intended critique can come off and impact the person on the receiving end.

    Michayla Lovitt - 3 weeks ago

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