Focus your time and energy to make more money

Let’s really dig into our businesses and learn to focus our time and energy to make more money, grow faster and experience meaningful change.

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Understanding Facebook Open Graph

The Facebook Open Graph protocol is the set of instructions Facebook reads on a website that dictates how the website is displayed when linked to on Facebook. It also dictates what kind of reach Facebook gives that link. Facebook gives us the opportunity to dictate how we want it displayed.

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Google Authorship & Rich Snippets

In this stellar video, we share the ins and outs of Google Authorship and Rich Snippets. But clearly the best part of the video is Dan’s sultry voice. If it weren’t for his dashing good on-screen looks, that voice could carry you off into the sunset. In the beginning we explore the what and why, […]

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How to Install Custom Sidebars

In this call you’re going to learn how to install custom sidebars how you can really supercharge your Christmas income with them what to put in your sidebars and when to put it there And we talk a bit about when to use no sidebar at all:

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Your SEO Questions Answered

Tonight we covered a lot of great questions from the Peanut Gallery like… What does grilled cheese have to do with your SEO efforts? Should you use categories and tags? Something is wrong with my site… did I mess up my SEO? How many words should my search optimized posts be? Follow or no-follow links? Will […]

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How to Monetize Youtube with External Links

Youtube is a great platform for monetizing your content and affiliate offers.  Dan shows how to setup external links to help siphon traffic back to your money site in just a few steps… YouTube gives you one more way to monetize videos now by allowing external annotation links in the video itself. If you read […]

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Stop SPAM Users From Registering on WordPress

A client of mine, has a very popular blog which he requires users to register to post comments.  Lately, he has been inundated with spam users and was asking for a fix. If you are requiring users to register to post comments, and not using a plugin like Disqus or IntenseDebate then take a look […]

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